Hope is a miniature horse. True Vine Equestrian Center rescued her and her yearling colt, Promise, on April 14, 2017. Over the previous several months, True Vine’s Horse Rescue Team had been praying that God would lead them to the right horse. Some of our members felt we were being led to rescue a miniature horse. This seemed strange because there usually were not miniature horses in this particular auction’s loose pen. But this year…

As the Rescue Team members were looking at the horses in the loose pen that morning, a trailer full of miniature horses and ponies arrived. There were mares, colts, and stallions in this little herd. The seller told the men who were checking horses in, “Put them all in the loose pen,” then she gave the workers her personal information and drove away, so the Rescue Team members were unable to talk to her in order to get information about these small horses.

A little paint mare and her colt caught our attention. With a fearful eye, it seemed her two-fold mission was to protect her colt and stay away from people. One of our Rescue Team family’s hearts went out to her colt. “If you rescue both the mare and colt,” they said, “we will reimburse True Vine and adopt her colt.” Bringing both mare and colt back to True Vine posed a slight dilemma. Team members had already prayed and decided on another horse. Three horses would not fit into our two-horse trailer. We called Sheri, one of our members who had stayed home. She was available and agreed to bring her trailer. We could bring all three horses home!

The colt was easy to catch. He was sick with little energy. On the other hand, the mare ran from us. The space was just too big to catch her. Opening a series of gates allowed us to guide her into a much smaller area where we were able throw a lead rope around her neck. Her tense muscles shook with fear as we put a halter on her.

We named the mare Hope and her colt Promise. Both had rough dull hair coats and lice. Promise was sick. Hope was afraid to be touched. Her hoofs were long, but it would be awhile before we would be able to get them trimmed.

Promise went to his new home and Hope has made great progress. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, Hope is now gentle, loves to be groomed, and will even walk up to us. She also stands great for the farrier!

Her non-intimidating size is great for teaching children how to lead and work with a horse on the ground. We would like to eventually give small children pony rides and teach her some tricks and to pull cart.